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(What the f ** is) Spoon pike imitation vermone - 17 cm

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Pike Spoon pike imitation vermone length 17 cm

The tricks that make "What the f ** is" ™ the best pike spoon.

Every detail is designed to allow you to achieve two great goals ... get it bitten and bring it ashore!

While it may seem trivial to you, the spoon actually has some design features that are essential to respect.

As proof of this, only a few teaspoons in the world have been successful. The reason is simple, their design is the key to everything. The careful study even in the smallest details decrees the fishing action, going to stimulate the fish only if everything is perfectly balanced.

There are many cheap imitations of famous spoons, but spoiler alarm ... they don't work!

If the spoon works badly (and many models work badly) you simply don't catch fish.

Thinking that it is enough to buy the "pieces" that compose it, assemble them and start fishing is a trivial mistake. Do-it-yourself is the best way to waste money and time as even those who bait for work often build non-working rotors.

So it's not as simple as it sounds.

But even assuming that you are in a situation of active, frenzied fish that follows everything, even the naked hook, the second problem arrives ... Bringing the pike ashore.

All Wild Pikes® spoons are designed to give you the best chance of bringing Pike ashore.

We are supporters (fundamentalists) of  Catch & Release  and as you can see our lures are all with single hook with crushed barb.

We use a special hook, which ensures a firm grip on the fish. This is the most important difference between a Wild Pikes® spoon designed specifically for pike, compared to a generic industrial spoon (even a good brand).

Another key aspect of the Wild Pikes® pike spoon, unlike a generic spinnerbait, is the jointed hook.

The spinnerbait is a lure that was born for bass fishing, but it also works well on pike. The problem is that even the specific spinnerbaits for pike always remain bass baits adapted to the pike! 

Ok, pike spinnerbaits are "heavier", more robust, but the project is that of bass bait; fish which, even at an inexperienced glance, has a different type of conformation and mouth than pike.

In fact, it is not uncommon to hook a pike and see it go away after a few moments. This happens because the bait and hook are not suitable for pike fishing.

With Wild Pikes® lures you are sure that this does not happen, since we use a specially designed hook that is also articulated, not allowing the pike to exert leverage on the body of the spoon to unhook.

For ease and convention even today the use of treble hooks is the most popular. At Wild Pikes® we believe in the single hook specifically for pike fishing.

The single hook allows you to unhook fewer fish than the anchor, avoids when using the landing net (even if rubberized), in the event that the pike twitches, the treble hooks can get entangled in the meshes, breaking the jaw or the bones of the jaw, and finally the single hook speeds up the unhooking of the fish.

Pike must be protected and respected like other fish, let's fish them, but with all the necessary precautions. When you choose a specific, technical product with a study behind it, even the small details make the difference.

slamare luccio

Balance in fishing

When you go "hunting" for pike you have to arm yourself in the right way (which we explore in our  GUIDES  ), it means that on average the fishing system to undermine the pike is quite heavy.

There is talk of cable, large swivels, heavy carabiners, thick lines ... It is not really one of those finesse peaches.

To get results you need a bait with a minimum of consistency and weight. Fishing with a 5 cm minnow would be unthinkable. Assuming you can throw it, the obstacle would then be to make it swim and move correctly.

The same happens with a small trout spoon, even in the larger sizes they would have problems working correctly.

Now this thing fishermen with experience in pike fishing know very well.

But it is full of people who are approaching this fishing or who do not have enough experience. It is important to understand that you need a balanced rotor that works well with the heavy float system, typical of pike fishing. 

Wild Pikes® spoons have a weight and resistance in water suitable to be cast and to move with this type of line.

The blade, which rotates at the slightest hint of recovery, offers resistance and always works well. Allowing even very slow presentations. All this without ever giving up the sturdiness of the bait.

The advantages of the Wild Pikes® spoon are:

- a resistant body, able to withstand the stresses of the "big mama" over meter

- an incredibly tough and sharp hook

- an immediate rotation, to get into fishing immediately and even at the lowest speeds

- an anti algae trigger, to deal with hot areas full of obstacles (and pikes)

- a bulky body, able to move the marauder waiting for the unaware victim to be transformed into an easy meal

For this Wild Pikes® creates a lure on purpose, with the right characteristics and specific for pike.

During the recovery it produces vibrations both with the generously sized blade and with the material with which the rest of the lure is made.

The silicone, deerskin or feather tails create a "pulsating" effect by swaying in a very natural way.

The bright flashes and vibrations make it a great reaction lure. But it can be recovered very slowly as it looks a lot like a presentation lure, typical of cold periods or low activity.

In spring and summer it can be recovered quickly, to stimulate reaction attacks, in winter it works perfectly with slow and stop-and-go recoveries.

Every highly experienced pike angler has a Wild Pikes® spoon in their case.

Not having it can be a serious error. In moments of apathy typical of pike it often proves to be the winning card. Do you want to be the fisherman who has no fun? Do you want to be left without the bait that will allow you to turn the day?

Pike spoon


The supporting structure of the  spoon  is made with 1.3 mm steel wire, it does not rust and resists the stresses of the catches.

Unlike generic rotors adapted to various peaches, Wild Pikes® spoons are designed for pike and zander fishing. 

The structure is resistant and is designed for the teeth of these predators. The length of the body is greater, to allow you to use a shorter cable.

Compared to a regular spoon, you have a whopping 35 mm more steel wire before connecting to the line.

An extra protection to shorten the cable and improve the naturalness of the movement.

pike teaspoon body


Single VMC barbless hook, 1.5 mm forged steel with reverse semi circle tip (for the protection of fish) with corrosion resistant PTFE coating that increases penetration speed by 50% compared to a classic black nickel coating.

A resistant hook, suitable for the pike's mouth, selected after numerous tests in the water. The particular shape facilitates the taking of the hook in the pike's mouth, favoring the self-locking and minimizing the possibility of losing the fish during the fight.

We tried many hooks, but in the end this turned out to be the best. 

Mounted in size 2/0 or 4/0 depending on the bait.


Each component on "What the f ** is" ™ has a specific function. The result obtained is an immediate rotation of the paddle as soon as the spoon is recalled with the reel.

Pauses and restarts animate him immediately. Even during the fall, the blade rotates constantly.

Its easy rotation, even with very slow recovery, is the feature that differentiates it from all the other spoons on the market.

"What the f ** is" ™ is a spoon specially designed for pike fishing.

A slow retrieve, with the paddle working correctly even at minimum speeds, rotating and emitting vibrations and flashes, makes all the difference in terms of fishing results with apathetic and stationary fish.

If you are a true pike fisher you know that slowness pays off most of the time. But there are not a few baits that work well and are slowly recovered.

"What the f ** is" ™ is the only rotary that works well even with very slow recoveries. For you it will mean moving the pikes.

With "What the f ** is" ™ you have an almost unfair advantage of having fun where other anglers fail.

rotating spoon spoons


Pike are often found in the most intricate places. This is why all "What the fuck" ™ have an anti-algae trigger.

The rubber imitation protects the hook from getting stuck by hiding the tip inside.

The skirt also comes in handy, again in silicone rubber, which protects the bait from algae.

Unfortunately this system does not ensure the total safety of the bait from probable grounding, but it is the best solution tested so far. 

It will allow you to explore "dirty" areas with minimal risk.

But often this is the hot spot where you will find the monster waiting for a suicidal creature.

I don't promise you won't lose any bait, but "What the f ** is" ™ will allow you to fish in warm areas, minimizing the risk of grounding.

anti-algae trigger


There are many spoons around that are passed off as pike. But in most cases they are unsuitable and wrong baits.

These are generic spoons not designed for pike fishing. The fact that there is a feather on the hook does not mean that they are fine.

There are many reasons why this kind of spoon is not good. One for example is the size.

The pike has a huge mouth and it is good to make selection of the baits. Sometimes it happens that when fishing for trout, chub or perch you catch a pike, but this is an event to be avoided.

The reason? A small bait could be swallowed deeply causing the fish to die.

There are also other problems, such as the fact of using the cable, which does not allow the light rotors to work well.

The basic concept is that to fish for pike you need a specific lure for pike. 

All Wild Pikes® rotors were born for this.

We also produce a small version (the  MIGNON ), created for heavily pressed areas. This is a mini "What the f ** is" ™.

Aside from the Mignon, the other Wild Pikes® rotors are bulky and sturdy, allowing you to select the size of the fish, stimulate large pike and minimize the possibility of too deep bites (which can happen).

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(What the f ** is) Spoon pike imitation vermone - 17 cm